Elizabeth Carolina Events is a floral, design, and planning firm based in San Francisco, California, known for transforming events into experiences and moments that feel like dreams, by way of romantic blooms, opulent details, and sensory encounters. 

When I think of an event, I think about the sounds and aromas surrounding the place, the expressions on the guests’ faces - the joy, the love, the connection they feel. To me, event planning is the art of curating moments and memories that last a lifetime. 

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My Philosophy

Elizabeth Carolina Events 

Romantic. Intimate, & Elegant 

Elizabeth Carolina

I have a deep and everlasting love affair with designs that began long before I ever started Elizabeth Carolina Events. From a young age, I have been mesmerized with the idea that one can design enchanting settings that are full of romance, intimacy, and beauty and create an ambience that kindles moments and experiences that feel like dreams. 

This love took a hold of me and I soon began to plan parties, arrange flowers, and curate menus and playlists for family celebrations. I learned that by combining my organizational skillset with my natural sense of creativity, I could create pure magic. 

Today, I like to bring that same magic I experienced as a child into my designs. With a degree in Business Management from San Jose State University, my experience in floral and event design, and by being naturally detail-oriented, dedicated, and organized, I am able to look deep into people’s imaginations and create impeccably beautiful events that, with time, turn into an heirloom of memories. 




See how I can create unimaginable beuty for your special day.